Yay for Jay!

Jay Nails on 3rd Ave between 98th St. and Marine Ave in Bay Ridge I cannot say enough nice things about.  That being said, This will be a rather short entry because I don’t have any horror stories or weirdness to tell here.  I was actually treated with respect (gasp!!) The only oddball thing I could even think to say was it was winter when I went and Christmas music was playing overhead.  Listening to The Little Drummer Boy and having your pubic hair ripped off is a bit of a strange experience.  

I was complimented on my dress & on my leg tattoos.  She was very fast and used cotton strips. It was a perfect job.  $30 and I tipped the woman $20.

*As of 7/17 This place has been renamed D&J Nail Spa


About touchmygirl

I got really into the idea of getting a brazilian wax. With much trepidation, I went for it. I was instantly hooked. It became a must do on my beauty regiment. I noticed the person doing the wax would often say some pretty strange things. Then came the thought, I wonder what the experience would be like in other venues. A whole new world of odd remarks was born. I also learned the pros and cons of different places, price fluctuations, and the skill level of people. This is the blog of a brazilian waxee guinea pig.
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