One Word: Vagacial 

A guilty habit of mine I’m trying to break is in the evenings I’ll eat a big meal & scroll through BuzzFeed. I got rid of TV to lessen my distractions to goals I’m trying to accomplish. But you know, if it’s not one thing it’s another. I suppose though I’m glad I hadn’t broken the habit prior to this otherwise we might not be here right now.
BuzzFeed did two stories on the Vagacial. That’s right. I was surprised myself. In short, this is a facial for your vagina. It will treat ingrown hairs you may have from shaving or waxing, & ideally soften & brighten the skin through applications being moisturizers/a scrub/& a mask.

The first story goes into detail what happens & why you would get one:

The second story is a more emotional, personal account of a diverse group of women who received them. Even the tough cookie I am was a bit moved:

So after reading both articles I knew Touch My Girl had to go on a field trip.

The salon offering this in NYC is Haven Spa located at 250 Mercer Street, New York NY. & Vagacial is just a nickname. This treatment at the spa is titled, “The Peach Smoothie.” Which if you ask me is a bit racist. Why not the, “Mocha Frappe?” But politics aside, let me get on with my Smoothie experience.

I called the day prior to make an appointment. As you can read in my writings I tend to just waltz into a salon for a wax but this is a higher end spa treatment so an appointment was in order. The receptionist asked me if I had a wax 3 or 4 days prior. The last episode I blogged about occurred on 4/8 & this was to take place on 4/19. So 11 days gap. & there was no growth except for the bit of shave cleanup I’d need to do because that wax was less than. So I just said yes. Believe me, I’ve told bigger lies.

The next day, spa day arrives! The waiting room was very clean, spacious, & a lot of beauty products displayed for sale. There were 2 ladies at the front desk & upon checking in I was given a form to fill out back & front. Something you might see like at a doctor’s office. Basic contact info, how did you hear about us. No emergency contact. None of you will be called about a Vagacial gone wrong! There were questions of allergies to anything, have I had any medical procedures in so many months, could I be pregnant, and what was I expecting to get from this visit. I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and ideas about things I may do in life. A vagina facial was never one of them.

The delightful receptionist, Cindy, lead me into another room, a lounge room. There were infused waters & coconut water I could help myself to but we were chatting away about animals & my job, I didn’t take a moment to pour myself some.

The esthetician Maria walked in & told me she was ready for me. Here we go!

It was really a nice room. I have nothing to say about dirt or dust here & there. This was definitely a more upscale place than my usual haunts. She said I could hang my jacket on the hanger, on the back of the door, and I could put my other things-bags, pants on the chair. I almost put them on the wrong chair but Maria corrected me. A room with more than 1 chair, baby is moving up in the world!

She told me to get undressed pants wise and there was a large white towel to put over myself. She’d be back in a few minutes. I did such, laid down, & listened to the classical music playing overhead.

When Maria came in she told me she’d turn on a very bright light to help her work and because of that she was going to cover my eyes with a towel. So here on reporting, at least for awhile, will be non visual. Just sensation. Which now that I’m writing this sounds mildly erotic. And I think writing ahead may read as mildly erotic. But you’ll just have to deal with it.

There I am laying down, towel over eyes. She pulled the towel over my waist to my ankles, put me in frog legs position, and gave me a brief look over/examination-what would she have to work with. I spoke about my last waxing experience, how I had a small shave up that morning. She wiped me down with a hot towel and something very moisturizing. The next step was the removal of ingrowns. Reading the 1st BuzzFeed piece you’ll see it says the esthetician uses a lancet and tweezers to get the job done. I didn’t remember the lancet part as she was working. It just felt like super industrial tweezers. It didn’t feel good. But it hurt less than the tweezing process during a waxing. She made small talk with me. Very alike to when a physician is drawing your blood and chit chats with you as a distraction. I asked her if the salon does men & if not does she know of any salons/spas that do. She said no. That there are treatments at Haven Spa for men but not this one. She said, I quote, “You can see I’m really in there.” She tossed out the idea if a spa is come across that does Brazilians for men, theoretically they could do this procedure. So anyone looking for a business idea, here it is! You could corner the market! I truly believe everyone should have this opportunity. Doors open to all genitalia!

As we continued to speak I actually went mind blank a couple of times. First off was she was discussing with me my waxing habits and she used the wording, “hard wax” vs “soft wax.” In a serendipitous fashion, my friend Isabel was talking about hard wax just a couple of days earlier. Soft wax is when the pull, removal is with the strip. So wax-strip-pull. Hard wax is when the wax itself is the pull. No additional strip. I scanned my past Touch My Girl entries and unless I missed something I see I was offered something similar to that once before. My reference is from the entry, “Traveling Abroad, Vagina Packed.” This is when I got waxed in London & was offered “strip wax” vs “hot wax.” And the “hot wax,” which is what I got, was the same procedure as, “hard wax.” So there you go. I’m just all fancy & work with European terminology.

2nd mind blank she asked about my routine care. I answered besides regular waxing I wash with a soap designed for your vagina. Listening to myself I felt I was coming up short. Like it wasn’t enough. I didn’t even think about doing a home exfoliant or mask before this day or knew there were those products designed for that area of the body. Around 2011 I was visiting a friend in Connecticut & she had the Summer’s Eve wash in her shower. I thought, that’s a good idea. I should be using that. I’ve upped my game since then and am currently using Organyc Intimate Wash because it’s more natural.

Maria talked about beauty care products she’d introduce me to. I’m jumping ahead here but when I checked out I was only presented with a product to reduce ingrowns. I didn’t purchase it. I don’t like to feel pressured to make a purchase like that. & I’m being a bad reporter & not remembering the name of it. But it’s there if you or I want to make a purchase. And if the spa is not within your range you may contact them and inquire about it.

After I was plucked and pulled, she sprayed the fruit acid peel on me and asked if it was burning. I certainly gave an firm yes to that! She said that was good. That mean it was working. Small talk continued and I asked if she ever had this done. She has not. Next step was more cleaning and moisturizing and then came the mask. After the mask was applied she put the towel back over me and told me she’d leave me for a bit. The bright light went off as well as the towel on my face.

Now alone I lifted the towel to see how my gal was doing. I don’t know if this mask had some sort of clay or volcanic ash component but she was jet black. So I just laid there awhile with my jet black vagina and thought, this is good. I’m glad I’m doing this. After all I’ve put her through. After all the hole in the wall salons (it’s nice when a pun works itself out), she deserves this.

Maria came in and cleaned off the mask and one more layer of moisturizer. She said I was still a bit red but that would subside. She left for the last time & I was now to get dressed. It was a lot of cream down there. I wiped some off but maybe you’d just want to let it remain. Get your money’s worth.

Back to the front counter & Cindy smiled & asked me how was it? I answered, “Good, yeah good.” I declined to purchase the ingrown hair product. Perhaps another day. & perhaps another day I’ll peruse their shelves of beauty products. The price was $57.48 and I tipped 20% so in total, $68.48. I am now on an e-mail list too from filling out that form. It’s your standard-appointment reminders, specials, write reviews sort of thing.

That evening at home I took a look at myself. Then, and the next day, and the day after that, looked like you would look if you shaved & had very decent razor burn. I’m not making a complaint here. I have only done this once. With continued visits would my skin improve? That’s a question left to be answered and I do not think I’ll be the one answering it for you. Because the next question- was it worth it? For me- yes and no. I’m glad I did it. But I do not think I will do it again, I don’t feel like I’ve improved at all. And I don’t think I have enough damage done by ingrowns that the tweezer/lancet work is really necessary. The rest of the symphony is quite lovely though. & I do think it’s nice to feel pampered. & I do firmly believe this should be available for all genders. If you like doing this, then go you. You do you. & you should treat your body like the gem it is. So I say go for it. Give it a try. Everyone deserves a little fancy now & again. 


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I got really into the idea of getting a brazilian wax. With much trepidation, I went for it. I was instantly hooked. It became a must do on my beauty regiment. I noticed the person doing the wax would often say some pretty strange things. Then came the thought, I wonder what the experience would be like in other venues. A whole new world of odd remarks was born. I also learned the pros and cons of different places, price fluctuations, and the skill level of people. This is the blog of a brazilian waxee guinea pig.
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