I Can See It All

My most recent waxing adventure occurred at Jade Beauty & Wellness Spa located at 2573 Broadway on the Upper West Side.It has an upstairs, which is where I was taken to but from the outside it looks quite small. But we all know looks can be deceiving.

The place was nicely decorated. I rather liked the circular red doors. Audio wise, predominantly quiet-instrumental music mixed with bird sounds. Depending on how it would all go down this could be a curse or a blessing as I really love birds. But I don’t want to now associate them with my vagina melting off.

The woman stayed in the room as I undressed and new one-there was a wall mirror facing my crotch. It’s like when you get to view your own surgery.

The friendly waxer wore no gloves. I asked her if I could keep my phone in my hand. I like to take notes as it goes but I’ve been scolded for phone usage while flat backed on the table. However this waxer encouraged me to do so. She thought it would be a fine distraction to the process.

Full disclosure: I numbed up at a friend of mine’s home in Williamsburg prior. (Only a true friend lets you lidocaine your labia in their lavatory!) I intended to go a salon down the block from him but when I got there they said 20 min wait & I was all, nah, I’ll proceed with my day. As the thoughts rolled in on the subway I decided I’ll see if I come across a salon when I get out. I’m an environmentalist-I don’t like to waste! Of course the point being here is it may have worn itself off leading to increased pain.

So we began. She commented on the nice weather. She said my hair was not too long. So it all seemed like it was going to be a smooth traffic free drive.

It seemed pretty normal for awhile. It may have been my numbing spray wearing off or it could have just been too hot but twice as she applied wax pretty far along the session I did that snake sound you make with your teeth. The onomatopoeia of the sound my vagina skin was making. I think she was a bit worried about this. She commented on some of my hair would be too short to remove. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

There were some hold moments & yes of course I put the phone down for that. Then the regular question if I wanted the back entrance done & of course I said yes to which she replied that was an extra charge. Tssk tssk. I should have made the snake sound with my teeth again. But on I went with the show-for a short while.

I don’t know what happened, as backside is supposed to be the easiest for wimmin (I hear it’s the opposite for men) but for the 1st time I tapped out. 2 strips in & I asked her to stop. Later inspection of my bum showed that cheek to be beat red.

And after my calling it enough I flipped back over like the piece of meat I was for tweezing. Another 1st, after that she put the tweezers in an ultraviolet light box. Who needs soap & water?

I got dressed after a slight wipe down. Looking myself over I knew this would require a shave.

My half shorn vagina came to $47 + $10 tip. It would’ve been nice if they threw in a free razor. 


About touchmygirl

I got really into the idea of getting a brazilian wax. With much trepidation, I went for it. I was instantly hooked. It became a must do on my beauty regiment. I noticed the person doing the wax would often say some pretty strange things. Then came the thought, I wonder what the experience would be like in other venues. A whole new world of odd remarks was born. I also learned the pros and cons of different places, price fluctuations, and the skill level of people. This is the blog of a brazilian waxee guinea pig.
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2 Responses to I Can See It All

  1. I watched a video about sugaring. She did it herself. I’m gonna try it. Maybe I can embark on a new career.

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