The Complete Opposite Of No Backside

One recent summer day I went to Beauty Nails at 1655 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

I was taken to the back waxing room immediately & only asked then what kind of wax I wanted. Brazilian didn’t cause an eye to bat.

It was a spacious room that connected to another room via sliding door. After myself & the waxer walked into the room, she left the door open while she spread paper on the waxing table. I got a picture of the table at the end, after the paper was removed. Both the fabric on the table & wallpaper had a dated, grandmotherly feel. But whatever. Grandmas are entitled to waxing too. She left the room for me to undress & let me know when she’d come back she’d come through the sliding door. 

Once I did so & she returned & I was on the table, she then presented me with what would be a velcro skirt towel but not to wear, just to have rolled up draped around my waist. Which did nothing. I guess the novice waxee might like a towel but really-what am I holding onto at this point? I’d like to add there was a lot of hair stuck in the velcro. 

It was very quiet in there. No music played & minimum conversation was had between us. Just the slight, “Everything?” &, “This leg.” 

She wore gloves. It was a very thorough & clean process. There was washing me, then powdering me. She applied a lot of wax at once-you’d think it’d get too cool before the pull but it worked. And then after each pull she applied gel. This was a first. You’re lucky if you get a cooling gel at the end but I got it after each strip. Also, they were fabric strips. I really didn’t hold myself with the exception of 1 leg in the air at a time. 

The ceiling was a drop ceiling. Staring at it I thought about places I’ve been with drop ceilings. I had never thought of these places in conjunction with waxing before. Another first.

Now, alluding to the title, the bum. 3rd thing that happened for the first time-she had me lay on my side, not jack-knifed or on my stomach or on all fours. I tell you people, new adventures await you each day.

I could’ve fallen asleep. Who doesn’t love an afternoon nap? It was wash-wax-gel-tweeze-wash. It was as if lackluster waxes gone by were being made up for.

The ending was me on my back again and more tweezing, wash, gel. She informed me there were a few hairs she felt weren’t ready for tweezing yet & to make sure I was ok with everything. I didn’t even see any hairs. Her waxer eagle eyes must be what’s needed to spot them.

It came to $36 & I tipped her $10.

Add on: as I was getting dressed she packed up her tweezers in a plastic box & left the room with them so I can’t report any inspections to you. These waxers must be reading the blog & catching on! 

Vagina News:
-Buzzfeed featured Rate Me, one of the stories from the collection of short stories in The Bed Moved by Rebecca Schiff & I’m so glad they did because I’m looking forward to reading the collection & possibly writing to Ms. Schiff. Rate me is a body part rating system including the vagina and it brings up hairiness. I like the imagery of a vagina in a satin box. I feel reading, “I want to improve.” I said. “I want my vagina to improve.”

The Instagram page yourshittyfamily posted a text discussing shaving but with the joke she’ll need a lawn mower for her vajayjay. I think my eyes are now drawn to anything on this topic. I put the blog in the comments section. Hopefully it’ll bring more readers!
Look at the post on their page from 7/29/2016 to see it.

My dear friend Darlene Charneco sent me this site. It seems like there is even more than a book here. It’s a whole Petals movement.

My comment on this ties in a bit to the short story by Schiff. I like the Petals idea, another book to read, I don’t love the name Petals though. It brings to mind seeing the Kathy & Mo show & they were discussing feminine hygiene products & the slogan, “Fresh As A Daisy” came up. I don’t need to call my labia petals to beautify anything. Labia will do. Clearly in the blog I like to joke. I use terms like, “the queen.” But humor is different than trying to use words I think would make part of my body more attractive.

Now that being said-“more attractive.” From appreciating your vagina for what it is and from saying, “I want to improve.” I said. “I want my vagina to improve.” What is the place of Touch My Girl? Would it be marked as a statement that I think something is wrong with you? That you must wax! Well, I hope not. I do this because I want to do this. If someone does or does not find it attractive is irrelevant. It’s how I mentally see myself. It’s not that I think my tattoos make me more or less attractive. They’re how I mentally see myself. You do what works for you. I’ll do what works for me. It takes a lot to write a blog like this. People see you in a different way. You’ll lose friends & gain unwanted dick pics. I think that shows a true appreciation & love of the self & womanhood that I continue to write on. 

So Vagina Valor! Pussy Power! And fuck if it does your heart happy-Petals Power!  



About touchmygirl

I got really into the idea of getting a brazilian wax. With much trepidation, I went for it. I was instantly hooked. It became a must do on my beauty regiment. I noticed the person doing the wax would often say some pretty strange things. Then came the thought, I wonder what the experience would be like in other venues. A whole new world of odd remarks was born. I also learned the pros and cons of different places, price fluctuations, and the skill level of people. This is the blog of a brazilian waxee guinea pig.
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