Vagina Cake

This latest waxing adventure takes us to Nails By Amy located at 2907 Fort Hamilton Parkway. It’s a spacious, fairly quiet salon with only the radio playing softly. The front is the manicure section and the back is the pedicure section, divided by a beaded curtain. You really make your presence known at Nails By Amy. The door has chimes and looking up at you are the few meat & potatoes moms in there and the esthetician loudly saying, “What kind of wax you want?” 

I waited for a few minutes, looking at the thrift store art decorating the place. She (Amy?? We’ll never know.) then came up to me, while on the phone, & gestured to me to follow her to the back. On the walk there I got my hair stuck in the plastic flowers hanging from the ceiling.

She rolled out some paper onto the table and left the room for a minute so I could disrobe. I hadn’t even gotten my underwear off by the time she returned. I commented to her how fast she was and that she’s a busy lady. When I laid down on the table I still had my phone in hand. I formerly just remembered everything but I have since gotten into the habit of taking notes in the during. She gestured no to me, that I could use my phone later. I apologized and said that I’m a busy lady too which she laughed at.

She put the waxing pot between my legs and told me to be careful. She put on gloves but it wasn’t long into the wax before she removed one. I quickly learned why I couldn’t use my phone. The entire time she moved both of my hands into different positions to hold myself. I felt like I was carrying a load of the work & that I should get a discount.

Some of the wax was very hot. Me, a self proclaimed pro waxee at this point, found myself scrunching my eyes at times. She also had a distinctive way of applying the wax. It was as if she was icing a cake. Which poses the oh so important question-If your vagina was a cake, what kind of cake would it be?”

She thanked me for holding here and there. As she should. My hands are still sticky with wax residue. She asked me if I wanted inside done. That inside would hurt a little bit. And she asked me if I was ok after. She got a waxing strip stuck and checked in on my well being at that point too.

She’d pull up my tush & really lean in to get as far back as possible while I was laying down. A flip over would have been much more efficient but it wasn’t offered and I didn’t ask. Always always always when that is not automatically included or even at least offered that dramatically drops a place on my waxing scale.

She went in with the tweezers a bit. When all was said and done she wiped me down with some blue solution. No baby powder. & I noticed a waxing strip stuck to my sock. It was like a bad date but then it would’ve been a condom stuck there. When she left the room and I got dressed I checked the tweezers area-sure enough hairs were present. 

They stayed there in their final resting place and I walked out the door to pay her $30 & $10 tip. The wax took 20 minutes.

I think I shall now tip myself for all of the effort I put into this process & buy some new undies to make my vagina feel okay about herself again.

 Fine Art



About touchmygirl

I got really into the idea of getting a brazilian wax. With much trepidation, I went for it. I was instantly hooked. It became a must do on my beauty regiment. I noticed the person doing the wax would often say some pretty strange things. Then came the thought, I wonder what the experience would be like in other venues. A whole new world of odd remarks was born. I also learned the pros and cons of different places, price fluctuations, and the skill level of people. This is the blog of a brazilian waxee guinea pig.
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